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Cellar Muse Wine & food Tours


Wine and food tours with Tanya Morning Star offer the unique opportunity for an intimate full immersion experience, as students learn about the culture, history, and wines of a region. Tanya leads small group tours where her relationships can open unique doors, providing an experience that would be unattainable for the independent traveler.

Why Joyous Educational Wine Travel with Cellar Muse?

This is why intimate and joyous wine education can bring so much more to our local industry than simply churning out pins and certifications. A diploma can certify mastery of facts, while this on-site education inspires innovation and excellence in the participant. 


The benefits of such an experience are immeasurable, as the invitation is set to engage, earnestly, with curiosity, and without fear or anxiety. When students engage in this way, they feel nourishment and acceptance, which promotes dynamic thinking and the ability to bring their talents  back to our industry with authenticity and self-empowerment. When all people feel confident to bring that level of their best self to their work and play in wine, that is when our own local wine cultures will become truly vibrant, and surprising - worthy of the world stage. 


Luxury is not superfluous Luxury mean to revel and thrive! 

Upcoming Tours

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