Cellar Muse Wine School

Wine is not a fixed moment in time, it is an accumulation of geological and human historical events which brought the terroir and the traditions into being (combined with climate, weather, and more). Wine is the living expression of people’s symbiotic collaboration with nature through the vine. Thus, to study wine is to be a polymath, a renaissance person, to emulate a value system once heralded by the people of antiquity - to be curious and study many things! Wine is the thread of western civilization, therefore to study wine is to study history, cultural anthropology, religions, gastronomy, languages, geology, geography, botany, viticulture, and wine science. The great joy in all of this, is that those who pursue wine, will never be bored, will never run out of things to do, learn, see, or taste, places to explore, or like-minded people to meet.


The Cellar Muse Mission is to promote the joy of wine through educational experiences, ranging from wine certification courses, subject-specific master classes, corporate events, and travel. Cellar Muse Wine School offers an array of in-person and online learning options, designed to surprise, and delight, while offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date information in the world of wine, though its course offerings.


Cellar Muse courses, classes, events, and tours are suitable for those seeking professional advancement, as well as serious enthusiasts who want to dive deep into the exploration of their most beloved wines.


Cellar Muse is proud to educate, mentor, and inspire students both in the physical and virtual classrooms. Bring your curiosity, and your passion, whether you want to advance your career, or just enjoy wine more, we can’t wait to share our passion with you!


Please contact Cellar Muse founder Tanya Morning Star Darling with all your inquiries about wine education!