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Wine & Spirit Education Trust

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the educational affiliate of the prestigious Master of Wine Program. The WSET has been a leader in wine training since 1969 and currently offers programs in 62 countries. Last year the WSET trained nearly 50,000 students.

The Wine & Spirit Archive offers WSET intensive Level 1, Level 2 Level 3 & DIPLOMA Certificate Courses in Wine & Spirits in Seattle.

Teaching at Cepae 12.jpg

Tanya Morning Star covers various subjects on an ongoing basis, as a guest lecturer for all WSET Levels.

WSET Level 2 and Level 3 courses are the best, intensive way for serious enthusiasts or wine industry professionals to pack in a staggering amount of wine knowledge, taste a library of wines, and get certified by the world’s most prestigious Wine Certification organization.

To learn more, contact Mimi Martin at the Wine & Spirit Archive in Portland, Oregon.

Looking for WSET Diploma?  The Wine and Spirit Archive is now the first Diploma provider in the Pacific Northwest! This is BIG news, look out for classes to begin in 2021 in Portland, Oregon. And exciting news: I'm on the teaching team!

If you are planning to register for any of  Napa Valley Wine Academy's Online programs such as the Napa Valley Wine Expert, Oregon Wine Expert, SommDay School, or more, use this link.

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