Equity & Inclusion


Cellar Muse is dedicated to diversity in wine, and we are calling to our industry partners to join us in the effort! 

Cellar Muse is seeking sponsors for students who wish to further their education and reach their professional goals in the Pacific Northwest.

Local Importers, Distributors, Producers, Restaurants and Retailers are encouraged to inquire.


Our sponsorship goal for 2021 is to award a scholarship for the FRENCH WINE SCHOLAR  this winter to BIPOC students in wine.  We need your help to make that a reality!

Please email Tanya to begin your investment in a more diverse, inclusive wine industry in our region.


Cellar Muse recognizes the historic exclusion of BIPOC, women, and the LQBTQ community from the mainstream wine industry, and the resulting economic and cultural impacts.  We are actively working to change both the contemporary opportunities available to these communities, as well as how we understand and talk about the history of our industry.

Women In Wine

Since early wine history, women have been systematically excluded from power. Yet despite the barriers to their participation, tenacious women have been making their mark on the narrative of wine since it was first discovered.  

This free webinar examines the lessons of those strong-willed women, particularly those involved in winemaking, and the business and marketing of wine.  Their historic experiences provide us insight into contemporary challenges, and inform a path forward to create a more equitable and dynamic world of wine. 


Tanya's research on this topic has been featured on GuildSomm.