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Wine Scholar Guild

French, Italian, & Spanish Wine Scholar Certifications

Cellar Muse is an approved provider for the Wine Scholar Guild certification programs. Tanya and the Cellar Muse team provide French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Scholar, and Spanish Wine Scholar certification programs for in-class learning and testing in Washington State. Wine Scholar Guild programs are respectively the most comprehensive formal study programs available bar none. The materials are comprehensive, thoughtfully, and beautifully compiled, and updated every year to reflect the ever-changing nature of wine law.

These programs are wonderful on their own, but also are great companions to other, broader certifications such as WSET L3, Diploma, or CMS Advanced. The programs are appropriate for the professional who wants to specialize, or the enthusiast who wants to deepen their intimate knowledge of their most beloved wines.

The Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) is an internationally recognized certification body for advanced wine learning for French, Italian, and Spanish Wines. Upon the completion and successful passing of respective examinations, the scholar receives a diploma, and the right to add the post-nominals to their name:   FWS (French Wine Scholar), IWS (Italian Wine Scholar), and SWS (Spanish Wine Scholar).

Cellar Muse and WSG are providing scholarships for BIPOC wine students for upcoming Wine Scholar Programs. To be considered for a scholarship, send your resume and a short letter detailing why you want to become a wine scholar to

Cellar Muse is also offering a 10% discount for employers who enroll at least two people in the Wine Scholar Programs. Email for the discount code.

Look out for FREE Webinars for Wine Scholar Guild Members with Tanya! Tanya has delivered several webinars for members whose recorded versions can be viewed on-demand on the WSG website.

Check out the amazing array of free webinars for WSG members HERE.

Upcoming Certification Courses

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