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The Complicated Nature of American Wine History - Racism, Sexism, and Xenophobia

If we want to talk about Equity and Inclusion in the Wine Industry, it is useful to explore the complex set of factors in 19th Century American History, which shaped the systematic exclusion of certain populations from the American wine industry, and from enjoying the 4 P's wine brings to those who engage in trading and drinking it: Power, Privilege, Prosperity, and Pleasure! The Drama unfolds against the backdrop of Colonialism, Manifest Destiny, Slavery, the Civil War, and Women's Suffrage. This video is a fast and dirty telling of certain factors which shaped the American Wine Industry and explains why certain populations are under-represented. Facing history, is the first step in the call to action to transform the American Wine Industry to create a more vibrant, diverse, and healthy American wine culture.

Find out how you can join the Cellar Muse mission for a more equitable and inclusive wine culture in America, by participating in the Cellar Muse scholarship program for wine study in Seattle, and abroad. Contact Tanya Morning Star, Cellar Muse Founder:

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