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Kristen Nalls - Equity & Diversity Scholarship recipient for French Wine Scholar

My love and joy in wine was sparked by the two years I spent studying in Paris. During those two years, I spent some time on a vineyard in the south of France just as they were beginning harvest. The daily walks through the vineyard, the intense care that went into the grapes, and the hustle and bustle of the operations were fascinating to me. Like watching a ballet. It was then that I knew I wanted to one day be a part of it all.

Upon my return to Seattle, I enrolled in Northwest Wine Academy and began my studies to pursue a career in wine. I didn’t know exactly where I would find my place in the industry but I did have a peaked interest in production, French wine and history, and tourism. Halfway through my studies, I also had the opportunity to start working for Latta wines in the tasting room. Because they do all of the production on sight, I have had hands on experience with most of the processes of wine production with some of my favorite Rhône varietals.

When I was given the opportunity to study to be a French Wine Scholar, I was ecstatic. Not only was it an amazing honor to be considered for the scholarship, it was also the greatest opportunity to further my knowledge in French wine. I am planning to move back to France as soon as I finish the program. With my knowledge from FWS, it would be my dream to lead tours, tastings, and dinners through each and every appellation, to those that also share my love for French wines.

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