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Bourgogne Trip Report

It was a dream-come true to lead 14 of my favorite people and devoted students of wine, on a week long exploration through the wines of Bourgogne! We visited so many producers, large and small, historic, and up-and coming, walked the vineyards, enjoyed Master Classes from some of the world's best Bourgogne wine educators, ate some AMAZING meals (including a Michelin Lunch & one Dinner), and tasted approximately 250 wines.  It was a joy, and an honor to share! Can't wait to do it again! Follow me on Facebook, or Instagram for more detailed stories from this trip, and other adventures in wine @ Cellarmuse

We spent 5 days, and 6 nights based in Beaune, exploring beautiful Beautiful Bourgogne top to bottom, visiting producers large and small across a wide array of appellations, studied with local experts, walked the vineyards, visited historical sites, sampled nearly 250 different wines, and ate some sublime food (including 2 Michelin restaurants). The hospitality we received was inspiring, and the weather was beautiful! Everything went beautifully, and at the end a few travelers told me it was the best week of their lives. What an honor to facilitate this life changing journey for these amazing human beings on their path to discover wine. Can't wait to share more Bourgogne wines in every way I can!

See full pictures and postings on Twitter @cellarmuse, or on facebook: Cellar Muse

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