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Announcing Alberto Martinez Interiano is joining the Cellar Muse Instructional Team!

The time has come to expand the Cellar Muse instructional family to bring you different persectives and more diverse educational offerings! Over the next month, I will be making a couple of exciting announcements about new expert instructors, and diverse educational offerings. First up, I am so excited to announce that Alberto Martinez-Interiano has joined the Cellar Muse family ! Alberto is a true subject specialist, with lots of intimate experience, and convivial personality (of course) (plus some impressive credentials as well)! Alberto has traveled all over Europe, speaks multiple romance languages, has passed all three Wine Scholar levels with highest honors, and just completed his WSET Diploma.

For these and more reasons, I am thrilled to announce that Alberto will be co-teaching both the Spanish Wine Scholar as well as the brand new Italian Wine foundations intensive - IWS Prep-Course coming up in December and January. I am pleased to introduce to you, Alberto Martinez-Interiano, when you meet him, you’ll know exactly why I have brought him into the fold.

Meet Alberto: Alberto’s passion for wine started when he lived in Tuscany as a student, where he fell in love with Chianti and rustic Italian food. After being bitten by the wine bug, his curiosity led him to read all the wine books he could get his hands on, and later pursue a formal wine education in San Francisco and Seattle.

He holds the WSET Diploma and has an MBA in Marketing and International Business. He recently completed all three Wine Scholar Guild programs: French, Italian, and Spanish Wine Scholar (all with Highest Honors)

Alberto loves to travel, especially to the classic wine regions of the world, and speaks Spanish, Italian, and is now working on his French.

In 2019, he traveled to Jerez, Spain, and became a Certified Sherry Educator, which he is one of 21 in the U.S.

He also writes for his blog and is a contributing blogger at the Vintner Project:

Alberto, tell us about your journey with wine, how did your passion for wine begin ?

My passion for wine started when I lived in Tuscany as a student, where I fell in love with Chianti and rustic Italian food. Once being bitten by the wine bug, my curiosity led me to read all the wine books I could get my hands on, and later to pursue a formal wine education in San Francisco and Seattle.

What do you love about the Wine Scholar programs, and how did completing them affect your life personally ?

I really enjoyed the in-depth focus and academic rigor of the Wine Scholar programs.

They gave me a better understanding of classical wine regions (Bordeaux, Rioja, Piemonte) and opened my eyes to many up-and-coming places like Languedoc, Friuli, and Tenerife.

Personally, they helped me grow my appreciation for these countries and the incredible diversity and uniqueness of their wines. The WSG programs also gave me a head start and were an invaluable asset in preparing for the grueling WSET Diploma curriculum.

Tell us about your teaching style.

I like to transmit my enthusiasm and sense of curiosity about wine in an approachable, engaging way. I believe wine education should include both the sensorial and analytical sides to deepen your understanding and enjoyment. Sharing my knowledge and appreciation for wine is definitely the best thing about teaching.

I know it is difficult to choose, but do you have a favorite region or wine ? Tell us about your relationship with this wine.

I agree it’s a really difficult choice, it all depends on the occasion, food, or company you’re with. However, I’d say I have a soft spot for traditional-style Rioja, old school Barolo, and of course, Sherry in all its wonderful expressions.

Congratulations on being newly pinned with the WSET Diploma, it is a real honor to have you join the team. Tell us why you are excited to teach with Cellar Muse.

Thank you ! I’m thrilled to be joining the team and honored to work side by side with such a well-respected, award-winning educator. My previous studies at Cellar Muse have been an inspiration as I developed my wine career, and I’m looking forward to helping it continue to grow in the future.

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