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All About the Master Class Format at Cellar Muse Wine School - Seattle! A Deep Dive Into Wine!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Deep Dive Into the Most Exciting Subjects In Wine with top wine industry experts!

For some, the term "Master Class" may sound intimidating, or like one needs to be an expert to engage. However, the philosophy behind the Cellar Muse Wine Class in Seattle takes a different approach. We study wine because it ignites our passion, joy, pleasure, and imagination.

Studying, drinking, and exploring the world of wine connects us to people, cultures, and nature around the globe in a unique way, like no other product in the history of the world. The Master Class format represents all original content, created by Tanya Morning Star and the Cellar Muse Team of passionate wine experts, with extensive and intimate knowledge about the subjects they present.

The premise is that one can absolutely specialize before they generalize in wine...why? Because wine is about specificity, story, experiences, and shared fate. When we engage in wine, we become part of the shared fate of the people who made it, and also of the earth...what better way to do that than through the pleasure of wine.

Cellar Muse wine Master Classes are presented as a deep dive into a single subject, at a level that investigates the places, people, history, and ever-changing culture of wine from a specific place, bringing it close to the wine student in a way that will be instructive for both the expert and professional wine student, as well as the more beginning wine lover. All you need to be is curious to know the deeper meaning behind what makes a wine uniquely itself.

From a cultural perspective, the Cellar Muse wine Master Class invites a shift from the exclusionary, the intimidating, the pretentious, and a focus on the invitation for all people to use their curiosity, passion, senses, and intellect to experience wine together, to seek meaning, and satisfaction in the joy of understanding subjects which can seem quite complex, by approaching them holistically, and always with context to the elements which contribute to the identity of a wine region and it's wines.

The Master Class isn't about marketing wine or passing tests, it is about sharing the joy of wine as a global community. But...these single evening explorations of wine are also excellent companions to those seeking internationally recognized certifications such as WSET L2, L3 & Diploma, French, Italian, or Spanish Wine Scholar, the Society of Wine Educators CSW or CWE, Court of Master Sommeliers certifications, and even Master of Wine candidates as well. It's like visiting an art installation - every student will get something different, in direct relation to where they are at in their relationship to wine.

We hope you will join us for the exciting lectures, symposiums, and wine tastings - wine classes in Seattle, on a world-class level. The Wine Master Class is a format for any wine lover. Bring your curiosity for just one night, and inspire a lifetime of learning through wine!

Cellar Muse Master Classes are presented in person both in downtown Bellevue at Cepae Tasting Room and in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle at Princess and Bear Wines

If you are not in the Seattle area but are interested in this unique format of wine study with top wine experts, Cellar Muse Membership also includes over 25 original wine Master Classes presented in recorded webinar format, as well as virtual monthly wine events including webinar and symposium/community discussion format.

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