Updated: Apr 18, 2019

200 year old Vinsantaia where Vin Santo wine is raised at Avignonesi Montepulciano. The grapes are dried on mats for 4 months, where they loose 60% of their water, then they are pressed, and placed in 50L barrels called Caratelli. The barrels are sealed, and not touched for 12 years!!! Fermentation is initiated by a wild mother yeast culture over 100 years old! White & Occhio di Pernice (rose) are produced, although both wines are brown/almost rainbow black when they are ready to drink. Each 50L barrel produces only 12L of wine, as the barrels are not topped up, the liquid further evaporates off the water in the wine. Drinking these wines, is like staring into a kaleidoscope. Pure magic. #vinsanto #montepulciano #tuscany #tuscanwine #vinnobile #italianwine #avignonesi

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