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In Conversation with Alessandro Masnaghetti, aka "the Map Man"

It was such a privilege and pleasure to host Alessandro Massnaghetti aka "the map man" in an interview and discussion about the roll of maps in understanding terroir, history of contemporary Italian wines. We zeroed in on the Barolo Cru sites of Cannubi and Cerequio, and looked at drone imagery from Alessandro's Barolo MGA 360 project as we tasted the Damilano wines from these 2 great Cru of Barolo and explored how maps can bring us closer to understanding the wines we love.

We I hope you enjoy this interview:

You can use this code for a 10 Euro discount on your Barolo MGA360 membership to access Alessandro's brilliant drone mapping project of the Barolo Crus: promo360

And find all Alessando's maps and books available for purchase here:

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