Megan Barone FWS, IWS - Equity & Diversity Scholarship recipient for Spanish Wine Scholar

I was raised in California, lucky enough to remember stomping grapes from my uncle’s 1/2 acre of vines. Wine was always around, and after years of dabbling and pursuing culinary dreams, I ended up as a wine steward for my local Trader Joe’s, and realized I needed a backbone of wine knowledge to be better at my job. My first course with the Wine Scholar Guild changed the course of my life completely. Without a doubt! After earning my FWS with honors, I scored a job working with a small importer of many of the wines in my course. The knowledge I gained in FWS was beyond helpful in learning the scope of my portfolio. I found myself utilizing it everyday. So the next year, I took the IWS with Tanya and Cellar Muse, which led to another job change, to sales manager for another local direct importer, this one more focused on Italian wine. Again, the knowledge I gained from IWS, along with Tanya’s mentorship, allowed for more growth and expansion of my career. And now, as I am going for my third certification, the SWS, I am finding it incredibly useful as I pivot into another role, as Sales Manager at Champion Wine Cellars, Seattle’s oldest wine shop. After completing the Wine Scholar Guild trilogy, I’m hoping to do a master level course in both Champagne and Bourgogne. All while I’m also opening my own business, a fresh artisanal pasta brand, Mixtape Pasta!

Check out Megan's new business venture: Mixtape Pasta:

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