Master Classes

The Master Class Series with Tanya Morning Star Darling is designed for wine professionals and serious enthusiasts of all variety, who wish to explore their most beloved wine regions with a deep level of curiosity and detail. All classes include 8-10 expertly curated wines. Must be 21+ years to register.

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Master Class Offerings

Bourgogne Master Class - Immerse in the Region

This seminar explores the factors which make Bourgogne wines so exceptional, including the geological and human history of the region, an in-depth exploration of the concept of “terroir” and it’s unique expression through the concept of the vineyard in Bourgogne (known as “Climat”), the structure of the Appellation system, and specific discovery of the wines themselves as we experience tasting ranging  from regional to Grand Cru.

Bourgogne Master Class - Explore Village Appellations

So much more than simply Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: these two grapes (a one surprise grape you may never have heard of) are so sensitive that they express themselves completely differently from site to site. This seminar will take a journey to discover the amazing diversity and specificity of Bourgogne wines at the Village level. Village and 1er Cru level wines from the the Grand Auxerrois, Côte de Beaune, the Côte de Nuits, the Côte Chalonnaise, and the Mâconnais will be sampled and explored. 

Bourgogne Master Class - The Lesser Known Villages

Bourgogne terroirs, and wines are truly a mosaic, and there is more to discover than the most historically prestigious villages. In fact, the historical reasons leading to the high demand for wines from villages like Beaune, Nuit St. George, or Meursault are not only linked to quality. In this class we will explore the lesser known villages, off  the beaten path, the unusual, and even the newly elevated (congratulation Vézelay AOC!), to discover, their terroirs, their history, and of course their sensory delights! We will sample a dizzying 10 wines to surprise and delight!

Provence Master Class –Rosé and so much more!

Provence is known for pale, dry, refreshing and aromatic rosé wine, but there is a surprising diversity in the region of Provence, which is often overlooked. From fun and refreshing to serious and complex: obscure, indigenous grape varieties, rosé wine to rival the most serious red and white wines of the world, full bodies whites, and deep rich reds which will surprise, and delight you. Provence is the oldest wine region in France, steeped in tradition, and guaranteed to revel the unexpected!

Champagne Master Class – The best-kept secret of Champagne: the Grower- Producers. 

This seminar explores the extraordinary circumstances (historical, and natural), which brought Champagne wine into being. Students will come away understanding the Champagne method, the Appellation structure, but perhaps most importantly, a detailed understanding of the nuances which make Champagne the wine for all of our happiest moments! Traditionally a wine region dominated by big producers (as opposed to farmers), the last 50 years has seen the rise of a new set of Champagne makers: the Grower Producers. These wines represent the true identity and terroir of Champagne: the highest quality fruit, from the best sites, with the longest aging times, at a fraction the cost of comparable wines from the big historic producers. 

Bordeaux Master Class
Bordeaux is one of Frances most historically rich, and iconic wine regions. It's wines are diverse, age-worthy and highly prized, as great works of art. The region is home to three of the most noble grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon blanc, emulated the world over. Take a journey to the source with Tanya Morning Star Darling, to explore the, history, the land, and the wines with intimate precision. Exquisite examples from the most illustrious appellations Bordeaux has to offer will be sampled, including: Margaux, St. Emilion, Sauternes, and more!


Loire Valley Master Class
The Loire Valley is one of the most diverse regions in all of France, as it winds along France's longest river. Historically a meeting place of culture, the loire valley wines express that rich history through it's diverse grape varieties, and nuanced terroirs. This class will explore the rich history, complex climate and terrain, and wonderful distinctive nature of the plentiful Loire Valley appellations. Join Tanya Morning Star Darling on a journey down the Loire river to cheer away the darkness of winter with the lovely wines of the Loire! Appellations sampled will include: Chinon, Pouilly Fume, Sancerre, Montlouis, and more!

Beaujolais Master Class

This master class will dive deep into the appellations, terroirs, and cultural history of Beaujolais to reveal the why and the how behind the amazing sensory pleasures of Beaujolais Wines. From Nouveau to age-worthy and structured Cru wines, Beaujolais wines are often misunderstood as being lesser than their Northern cousin Bourgogne! Insiders know it's best not to compare, and revel in the inherent pleasure and amazing value Beaujolais wines offer! Join me to reveal one of the best kept secrets of the wine world, the unsung hero - GAMAY, and the extraordinary wines of Beaujolais. ALL 10 Cru Villages will be sampled in this class! 

Languedoc-Roussillon Master Class

Explore the diversity and charm from the sun-drenched slopes of the Languedoc & Roussillon regions of France. This Master class will focus on the history, terroirs and wines of these two regions - secret gems, off the beaten path. Many surprises will be uncovered, 8 appellations will be tasted.

Tuscany Master Class -  Focus on Sangiovese

In this class, we will explore the romantic hills of Tuscany through the lense of one of the most magnificently expressive grape varieties in the world. This class will primarily focus on understanding the terroirs of Tuscany as they are expressed in the wines crafted by Sangiovese and it's blending partners...with a few surprises!

California Master Class

If california was a country it would be the 4th largest producer of wine globally, after France, Italy, and Spain! California offers extraordinary diversity of terroirs, grape varieties, and human cultural influence. This class will explore the topography, climate, grape varieties, history, and wines of California, with a focus on the iconic appellations of Napa Valley and Sonoma County. 

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