"French Wine Scholar Instructor of the Year 2018"

Wine Scholar Guild Interview with Tanya Morning Star Darling

“I have been doing wine studies since 2015 (WSET Intermediate and Advanced in NYC, Diploma in Vancouver) and Tanya is definitely a top instructor of all the instructors in NYC and Vancouver” 


Jane - FWS, WSET Diploma 

"Tanya has such a unique way of approaching wine education – seriously, she sometimes makes me feel like I’m combining my wine studies with meditation.  Her teaching style eliminates much of the franticness of memorizing and cramming and leaves me with a true enjoyment of learning."

Noelle - FWS, IWS & WSET Diploma Student

“Tanya is the finest wine educator I’ve had the privilege to study with and learn from. Her style is engaging, fun and inclusive, which makes the learning that much more inspiring.”

 Marilee, FWS with Highest Honors

terra au verre

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"I thank Tanya for her dedicated work to educate on the behalf of Italian Wines. If there were 1,000 Tanya's in the World, it would solve all of the problems with Italian Wine!"

 - Riccardo Cotarella, Falesco, Famiglia Cotarella, Italy's most famous winemaker, President of the World Association of Winemakers

“Tanya held a very successful gallery wine tasting and education event that was auctioned for a charity in which my wife and I are involved. All of the attendees appreciated the breadth and depth of her knowledge about the wines we tasted and the regions they came from. Her style was very balanced and engaging - just enough familiar information to make people feel smart and frame all of the new information to actually make people smarter. Tanya is guaranteed to make any wine event a hit” 


Ian - Attorney & Philanthropist

“Tanya is articulate, passionate and energetic. Class after class Tanya has impressed me with her precise and refined knowledge of wine. She makes it wonderfully easy to learn how to taste wine, understand history, and learn about the wine making processes. Tanya has lived in and traveled around Europe several times and therefore has a sound understanding of the provenance of European wines. Her wine selections are always elegant. Her sense of taste: impeccable. She is by far one of the best teachers I have encountered in the trade.” 


Anne-Emilie - Culinary Enthusiast

“Tanya Darling is erudite and passionate about port. She filled our heads with history, methods of production, and factoids that kept me leaning forward in my seat.” 


Doug Haugan, Wino Magazine