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Wine History Foundations: The Old World

Cellar Muse's newest course, available online through Napa Valley 

Wine Academy’s online wine academy. The

course is now available for registration on the Academy’s website. Learn more

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Due to these tough economic times registration is set at only $199 so that everyone can share in the joy of exploring wine history. This course is offered asynchronously, meaning that students can ‘tune in’ online at their convenience. Wines to be tasted are acquired by the students at their own expense. Registered students have access to all content for 12 months. 
This course was developed course as a journey through the history of Western civilization with nature’s great liquid ambassador, wine, as the protagonist. Against the backdrop of religions, politics, trade, wars, pests, plagues, as well as global and scientific discovery, this course charts the journey of wine and wine cultures throughout the ages all the way to the birth of contemporary wine law in the 20th century. “The wine trade represents an 8,000-year arc of humans in relationship with nature, which sits at the heart of European cultural identity,” she explains.  Fashion, trends and spiritual and social norms govern people’s expectations of wine, and shape the evolution of wine styles and customs. By the end of this course, students will understand the impact of wine as a powerful trade commodity on the development of Western societies through politics and religion. The class will take a look at the connection between wine, spirituality, and organized religion in the context of Western culture as well as the impact of "the three plagues" (Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Phylloxera) on the global world of wine. The class will also discuss the creation of European wine law in the 20th century.

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