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WINE HISTORY SERIES - Live Webinars & Upcoming Wine History Course 

I am proud to announce that I have joined the Napa Valley Wine Academy's Online Wine School Faculty as their Wine History Expert and am pleased to roll out a series on Wine History online webinar Master Classes, and a full series of Wine History courses which will roll our in Fall 2020! Registration for these Webinars is through the NVWA website.

June 20 - Wine History of Champagne

The region of Champagne experienced perhaps the most fascinating and incredible history on it’s journey to greatness. Champagne lies at the geographic and climatic limit of the vine, and has been at the crossroads of every northern European was since the dawn of European politics. When we drink champagne we feel as if we are as privileged as royalty, as beautiful and carefree as if we were immortal…but why? Join wine historian Tanya Morning Star Darling to explore they magic of this iconic wine, the tenacity of the Champenois people, the evolution of the ingenious method which turned adversity into prosperity, and the greatest 200 year marketing campaign that put champagne at the center of every celebration for people the world over.

July 18 - Women in Wine History - Systematic Exclusion, and the Success of Tenacious Women

Wine has, since it’s discovery in Neolithic times, been one of the most powerful tools at human disposal for alleviating physical and emotional suffering. It is no surprise that wine has also historically been one of Western Civilizations most important trade commodities, a driving force of culture, politics, war, art, and spirituality. It is therefore only natural that gender politics would play a huge role in the history of such a powerful commodity. Join wine historian Tanya Morning Star Darling for this master class to explore the roles and contributions of women in the wine trade from antiquity to present, the systematic political and social obstacles faced by women, and how women have overcome to make significant and meaningful contributions. Through examining history and the structural framework of our society we can be guided into a more vibrant and inclusive present and future for women in wine!

August 15 - Wine History of Bourgogne 

The history of Bourgogne wines is the story of a very specific collaboration, which defines the concept of Terroir. Join wine historian and Official Bourgogne Ambassador, Tanya Morning Star Darling to explore the Bourgogne region from the ancient, and dramatic geological events which created the soils, and Côtes, to the Romans, the Church, the Dukes, Napoleon, to the thousands of growers and producers that make up the diverse mosaic of wines that is Bourgogne.   


September 12 - Wine History of Bordeaux 

Bordeaux has been one of the most important ports in all of Europe since Roman times, and it is no surprise that the wines of the area have inspired strategic political alliances, wars, wealth, and are among the old world’s most internationally influenced and sought after. Bordeaux is iconically French, but would not resemble itself without the impact of the English and the Dutch. Join wine historian Tanya Morning Star Darling to uncover the essence of the greatest wine of trade, explore the classifications and Chateaux that shaped the Bordeaux region as we know it today. 

Italian Red Wine by the Grape - Live Webinar Series, Fall 2020

This 4-part webinar series will explore in depth Italys most iconic wines, and noble grape varieties. View Italy’s most famous wines in depth from the perspective of the varietal and how it interacts with the terroirs of the various DOC/DOCGs where it is grown. Webinars will be 60-75 minutes long, and will include real-time tastings. Tasting cases of 12 wines representative of the learning objectives will be available for pick up at local bottle shop Vino Verite in Columbia City, and a wine list will be made available to non-local participants (wines sold separately), of this case, 2 wines will be tasted live together in each webinar. These webinars are intimate, in-depth explorations of Italy’s great red grapes and wines, and although the material is addressed in what many would consider Advanced detail, Tanya’s teaching style is welcoming to participants ranging from Intermediate to Advanced, suitable to those with aspirations for the Italian Wine Scholar certification, those who have already achieved it, and those who just want to get closer to Italian wines !


Webinar Schedule :

October 3 - Nebbiolo 

October 17 – Sangiovese 

October 24 – Aglianico 

November 7 – Nerello Moscalese & Nero d’Avola 


Webinar Registration directly through Cellar Muse Website: $135


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Women in Wine History

Systematic Exclusion and the Success of Tenacious Women


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Drink Like a Roman

3-Part Series: The Legacy of Ancient Times Through Modern Italian Wines. Although these webinars can be purchased separately, They are intended as a series, Part 1 sets the stage for Parts 2 & 3, but they can be viewed independently as well. 

$20 each session

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