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Get 1:1 professional advice from Tanya Morning Star Darling. Have questions about your wine studies? Struggling with how to prepare for an exam? Need advice from an expert on blind tasting? Or perhaps you want help mapping your wine career? Tanya is here for you and will answer your questions, provide advice and offer insights. Book your Mentoring/coaching session now. $100/hr, $50/30 minutes. Tanya is very concise, and has received excellent feedback on the effectiveness of her mentoring. 


Upcoming Wine History Course 

I am proud to announce that I have joined the Napa Valley Wine Academy's Online Wine School Faculty as their Wine History Expert and am pleased to roll out the first of  of a series of online Wine History courses on October 13th! Stay tuned, or message me to be on a list to be notified about the big reveal of Wine History Foundations!


Italian Red Wine by the Grape - Live Online Course, Fall 2020

This 4-part Online Mini Course will explore in depth Italy's most iconic wines, and noble grape varieties. View Italy’s most famous wines in depth from the perspective of the varietal and how it interacts with the terroirs of the various DOC/DOCGs where it is grown. Sessions will be 90 minutes long (one hour lecture + 30 minute tasting/discussion) & will include real-time interactive tastings.

Tasting cases of representative wines will be available for pick up in Seattle, and a wine list will be made available to non-local participants to seek out same or similar wines (wines sold separately). This course is an intimate, in-depth exploration of Italy’s great red grapes and wines, and although the material is addressed in what many would consider Advanced detail, Tanya’s teaching style is welcoming to all participants, suitable for any person who is passionate to get closer to Italian wines!


Webinar Schedule :

October 3 - Nebbiolo 

October 17 – Sangiovese 

October 24 – Aglianico 

November 7 – Nerello Moscalese & Nero d’Avola 


Webinar Registration directly through Cellar Muse Website: $135

All the Bubbles! Understanding the Diversity of European Sparkling Wines
Dec 12, 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
Webinar via Zoom

Recorded Webinars

Orvieto - The Magic & Mystery


Women in Wine History

Systematic Exclusion and the Success of Tenacious Women


Champagne History


Drink Like a Roman

3-Part Series: The Legacy of Ancient Times Through Modern Italian Wines. Although these webinars can be purchased separately, They are intended as a series, Part 1 sets the stage for Parts 2 & 3, but they can be viewed independently as well. 

$20 each session

Part 1

Part 2 - Campania

Part 3 - Sicily

Heroic Viticulture


Joyous provence


The Mystery of the Climats