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We Shape our Industry, and our World - A Wine Art Contest About Wine For Everybody


I was looking at my website, and contemplating this image. Some of you have known me to teach with this image in Wines of the World or History, where I talk about what it meant to use an image like this in advertising in 1926: this woman is drinking wine for her own pleasure, she is not constrained, she is not looking down or posing for a man. I was thinking about those meanings as they relate to historical context and women in wine and I thought, this image would be so much more powerful if  this was a woman of color.


We need to have radical images of POC/Women of color in the wine advertising of today. Wine advertising should include all genders, and should represent Latina, Black, Asian or First Nations.  In the same way that this image seems normal to people today, but would have been radical in it’s time…we NEED to be putting the same kinds of images into our world, relevant to our time. 


So I have decided to offer a contest to create a series of images based on images from my collection of vintage wine advertising images (all in the public domain, two examples shown here) to be transformed. I would love to collaborate with an artist (digital or analogue), to bring this idea to life. The artist would own the works, and give me license to use the images for my marketing (with credit given, and I would also collaborate on putting together an art show).

I will be accepting applications to work on this project with me. The reward for the chosen artist will be a $500 scholarship to any of my upcoming certification programs, or $500 credit towards Master Classes with me.

Applications should include a sample of your work, and description of your intent, and why you think your skills are the best for this project. Tell me about yourself, and why this is meaningful to you. I'll ask follow up questions if need be as well.


As an historian, and a person of mixed heritage, who's family has been directly impacted by the political use of alcohol as a weapon, I have been thinking carefully about this issue. I accept that it is up to me/us to make our industry a place where the joy of wine is available to everybody (this is the first time in history actually)! 

I feel this is the moment, to heal the past, and shape our future in wine: the intellectual and sensory pleasure of wine should not be exclusive, it should be colorful, diverse and inclusive, it should be healthy, but it is our job to make that happen! It is a deep pleasure to be in this together, shaping our industry, and our world. 

Please feel free to share this with anybody whom you think this might interest, and I look forward to hearing from you!